Introducing a unique partnership that will grow your business

Most Financial Advisors, Accountants and other professional bodies work extremely hard providing their clients with the means to build up their wealth only to fall short at being able to provide the correct strategies to protect these same hard earned assets against attack from care costs, further taxation, future divorce or  separation and creditors and bankruptcy.

Working alongside Finance North Estate Planning Services, you will be able to provide your  clients with unique estate planning strategies which ensure that their hard earned assets are protected for future generations,  setting you head and shoulders above your    competitors.

We do not just offer death planning strategies, but also planning throughout the client’s lifetime. Areas of expertise include personal planning, Business Succession strategies, and Agricultural Planning.

Our estate planning solutions are tailor made to suit every set of personal circumstances and  every pocket.

Finance North Estate Planning Services in association with Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation offer a range of products and services which are second to none. Many of the services offered are completely unique with strategies which are tailor made to suit the needs of the client and ensure that they benefit from a complete overview approach to their estate planning needs.

Finance North Estate Planning Services main principals are Mark Roberts and Jon O’Brien. Mark has been in the financial services sector for over 26 years and also Founder and CEO of Challenge Cancer UK a national charity.  Jon has been in the legal profession for over 22 years and specialises in Estate Planning and Asset Protection.

Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation specialise in asset protection strategies and  unlike most Will Writing companies, it’s Directors and Principals are members of S.T.E.P. (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

As the news of our success spreads the business continues to grow and the demand for our products and services increases.

With so few people having even a basic Will in place let alone the correct Will and estate planning, the demand for our services is vast.

Your clients care very much about the wealth they have amassed over the years and will want to ensure that it is passed onto their loved ones and protected for generations to come.

We have a range of products and  services which are designed to do just that!

Whilst our range of products and services are second to none and our Trusts all have Q.C’s opinion, we ensure that our prices are extremely competitive providing real value for money and a new source of income for you.

This is an opportunity to create income streams that add real value to your business whilst enhancing your client relationships and also gaining valuable referrals.

If you would like more information please call 0161 771 2056. –

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