How do I protect my home and assets from Care Costs?

If you fail to act now:

Your home may have to be sold to pay for Long Term Care Costs.
Your savings and investments could be wiped out.
Your children & grandchildren could lose their entire inheritance.
Any income would be assessed & used towards the cost of Care.

Most of us work very hard over the years to buy our own homes and build up our savings for our retirement and would like to leave a ‘little something’ for our children and Grandchildren after we are gone.

Unfortunately, the costs involved in moving into a care home can literally wipe out your entire savings and your home may have to be sold to pay for Care fees. This could mean that your loved ones could receive very little, or even nothing at all of what you originally intended them to have.

When someone enters Care they are automatically ‘means tested’ and ALL of your assets, including your home are taken into account. Only those who have very few assets will escape the costs of Care or those who have taken our advice!

Without an Estate Planning Strategy in place all that you have worked for could easily be lost. Don’t hesitate call us on 0161 771 2056 and lets secure your Estate.

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