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Challenge Cancer UK have teamed up with Finance North and Finance North Estate Planning Services to offer a fantastic initiative aimed at helping you, your employees their family and friends.

It is widely known that 1 in 3 of us will be affected by Cancer at some stage in our lives. What isn’t as common, is the knowledge that 2 in 3 people don’t have a Will.

Indeed after someone has died, families – at an already emotionally difficult time – can be faced with an inordinate amount of paperwork, delays, costs and in most cases disputes within the family itself, often leading to a lifetime of disagreements and mistrust.

Most people delay making a Will, citing “it’s something I’ve just not got around to doing it” or “I simply can’t afford it” as the two most common reasons.

As a result, and as part of their commitment to Challenge Cancer UK, Finance North will offer a FREE basic Will (or a FREE review of an existing Will) to all of your employees AND make a £20 donation to the charity for each Will they write. There is no catch!

All they require is to visit your business to spend no more than 15 minutes with each employee, to take down some basic details. They will then arrange to visit the member of staff in their own time to complete the Will, making any recommendations that may arise from the meeting.

As an employer or a business, this is a GREAT opportunity to provide your staff with a much needed service. One that won’t cost you a penny, and will provide greatly needed funds for Challenge Cancer UK.

As a charity, we are always looking for ways to raise additional funds, and we are incredibly grateful to Finance North and Finance North Estate Planning Services for offering us, and you, this opportunity.

For more information, please contact Challenge Cancer UK on 0161 771 2040

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Get a Funeral Plan from as little as £21.29pm

Unfortunately, there is no escaping death, but you can and should plan ahead. It’s a fact funeral costs are escalating beyond most people’s capabilities and in the last 10 years the cost of a simple funeral has increased by 80%. So imagine what the cost could be for your funeral?

82% of people have made no financial provision for their own funeral, but by choosing a funeral plan now you can safeguard against rising costs and also ensure that when the time comes your family will not be saddled with the debt.

Don’t delay. Beat the rising costs of funerals now…

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Purchase a Funeral Plan during October 2016
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1. This offer is granted to all Funeral Plan products available as follows:  Topaz, Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby
2. Only one £100 M&S Voucher is available to each individual plan purchased with a minimum deposit of £250
3. The £100 voucher is issued and posted 30 days following the Funeral Plan purchase date.
4. The definition of the ‘Funeral Plan Purchase Date’ is the date printed on the plan document.

Finance North Estate Planning services in association with Safe Hands Funeral Plans are one of the UK’s most trusted funeral plan providers, endorsed by the National Federation of Funeral Directors.

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For the sake of a few hundred pounds – You could save Hundreds of thousands!

The Effects of Generational Inheritance Tax

What is Inheritance Tax (IHT) ?

IHT is often referred to as the Double Whammy! It is the continued application of Inheritance Tax on assets passed down the family line. In other words it gathers in size as it cascades down from one generation to another.

Who is affected? Everyone whose Will does not include Trusts and whose assets are passed absolutely to Beneficiaries.

An example of the effects of Generational IHT for Single Person / Divorced

Mr Brown dies leaving an estate of £1 million and he leaves behind 1 daughter. Therefore  £1 million less the NRB (tax free allowance) of £325,000 = £675,000, which means IHT is now due on this amount so £675,000 at 40% = £270,000 tax bill.

Therefore the daughter receives £730,000 via Mr Brown’s Will.

The daughter already has assets valued at £325,000 and has one son. So now her estate is valued at £325,000 plus £730,000 inheritance from her father = £1,055,000. On her death after the application of the Nil Rate Band of £325,000 there is a £730,000 excess subject to IHT of 40% = £292,000.

So in just two generations £270,000 AND £292,000 has been paid in Inheritance Tax.        A massive £562,000!

Of the original £1 million estate, a mere £438,000 remains for the grandson.

If only Mr Brown had been our client – He would have written his Will incorporating Trusts for his Estate and stating his Daughter and Grandson as the Beneficiaries therfore the Trusts would receive the net estate of £730,000 and so does not fall into the Daughter’s and Grandson’s Estates for IHT,Care Costs or be at risk to future Divorce settlements, or Creditors.

So on the death of the Daughter, of the original £1,000,000 estate £730,000 remains protected for future generations with a massive £292,000 saved in IHT alone!

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