Calling North West Business Owners

Challenge Cancer UK have teamed up with Finance North and Finance North Estate Planning Services to offer a fantastic initiative aimed at helping you, your employees their family and friends.

It is widely known that 1 in 3 of us will be affected by Cancer at some stage in our lives. What isn’t as common, is the knowledge that 2 in 3 people don’t have a Will.

Indeed after someone has died, families – at an already emotionally difficult time – can be faced with an inordinate amount of paperwork, delays, costs and in most cases disputes within the family itself, often leading to a lifetime of disagreements and mistrust.

Most people delay making a Will, citing “it’s something I’ve just not got around to doing it” or “I simply can’t afford it” as the two most common reasons.

As a result, and as part of their commitment to Challenge Cancer UK, Finance North will offer a FREE basic Will (or a FREE review of an existing Will) to all of your employees AND make a £20 donation to the charity for each Will they write. There is no catch!

All they require is to visit your business to spend no more than 15 minutes with each employee, to take down some basic details. They will then arrange to visit the member of staff in their own time to complete the Will, making any recommendations that may arise from the meeting.

As an employer or a business, this is a GREAT opportunity to provide your staff with a much needed service. One that won’t cost you a penny, and will provide greatly needed funds for Challenge Cancer UK.

As a charity, we are always looking for ways to raise additional funds, and we are incredibly grateful to Finance North and Finance North Estate Planning Services for offering us, and you, this opportunity.

For more information, please contact Challenge Cancer UK on 0161 771 2040

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Challenge Cancer UKFinance North / Finance North Estate Planning Services


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