If you own your home and you ever have to go into care, you will probably have to pay for your care fees in full!

Why should your children lose part or all of their inheritance just because of unfair Government policy!

Under the current terms of the Community Care Act (1990), if you have assets of over £23,250, including the value of your home and savings, you have to pay for all your Residential Care Fees.

Currently a place in a residential care home in the UK costs, on average, more than £30,000 a year, but the average pension income is £18,000. There is financial help from local authorities, but it is strictly means-tested.

You only qualify if your home, savings and investments are together worth less than £23,250.

If you are worth more than that, you have to pay the full cost of your care – during your lifetime and, if necessary, from your estate after you have died.

It may not leave much for your family to inherit.

Without the correct planning, some or all of your children’s or grandchildren’s inheritance could be lost. However, with a few simple strategies we can can protect you and your family from needless expense and worry.

Ensure that your home goes where you want it to,…to your loved ones.

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